Nothing says summer like a sinfully sweet, mouth-watering Hermiston Watermelon! In keeping with a tradition spanning nearly half a century, Botsford & Goodfellow proudly brings to market the very best melons, in partnership with the Northwest's finest growers. 

With 3 new packing facilities housing the most advanced sorting, sizing and polishing lines, we can meet our customers' exacting pack requirements. Over 900 acres of fruit under cultivation help to insure consistency of supply throughout the season.

Seeded or seedless,  organic or conventional, big or small, Hermiston Watermelons are not just a juicy summer-time treat, they are a seasonal store essential! Please call us for ad pricing and availability.

June, 15 – Oct, 1

26” and 36” Tri-wall Bins: sized 25/30 ct. – 70/75ct.
Cartons: 3 pack – full size; 4’s, 5’s, 6’s, 8’s
Petite Sweet  mini melons:  6’s – 11’s

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Pollock & Sons Farms   
Bellinger Farms
Walchli Organic
SR Walker Melons
Walchli Farms

Chris McNamee (Portland
Chuck Botsford