California navel oranges Portland wholesale
California navel oranges are considered by many to be the best oranges in the world for eating out of the hand. They have a meaty flesh, their thick rinds are easy to peel, the segments separate easily, and they have no seeds. Now is an excellent time to promote, as their flavor and color are both outstanding, and pricing is moderate.  This year's Navel crop is running heavy in 72 size, both fancy and choice grades. FOB, and delivered pricing available upon request.  Please call us for an LTL delivery schedule.
24s, 36s, 40s, 48s, 56s, 72s, 88s, 113s, and 138s.  Consumer packs are available by request.
Load Location: Riverside, through Fresno
Contact: John Draper (Portland) or Jason Sands (Seattle/Spokane)