Working Partnerships 

Relationships are the core of our industry, and good relationships make good business sense. At Botsford & Goodfellow we have one true objective, to represent our growers to the highest standards, cultivating mutually beneficial partnerships.
We have enjoyed some of the longest lasting relationships in the produce industry.  We are interested in long term collaboration, where we can develop products, building brands alongside the brand owner. We invest in people and infrastructure to make this happen. While information technology opens up lines of communication and cuts costs, you WILL still see our faces.  Our aim is ongoing understanding of our grower’s needs, so that we can adapt in the face of this constantly changing industry. The end result: your business prospers, and so does ours!  

A Premium Service

Our separateness is our strength.  Unlike some of our competitors, we are careful about the products we select to take to market, but once we have made the choice, those products – and clients – benefit from a full gamut of services that can be tailored to meet exacting requirements. 
At Botsford & Goodfellow our service is more than that of a produce broker.  We advise clients on the viability of their products.  We build strong brands through effective marketing. We act as a vibrant interface between the grower and retailer, and can facilitate your entry into and establishment within a marketplace.  We plan, promote, analyze and manage the sales process. We can provide integrated order processing via EDI—and in dealing with most retail buying organizations, this is an absolute must!  We can manage third party warehousing, and offer full administrative support and financial control with 100% transparency. 
Our package is entirely flexible, allowing growers and distributors to select a complete service, or choose from the options that are most valuable to them. Throughout, we retain our focus, dedication and enthusiasm, reaching all major retailers through our marketing expertise and network of industry contacts. 

It’s In Our Blood 

Produce is far more than just our business; it’s our heritage. While Botsford & Goodfellow has a history stretching back over 50 years, our collective roots date back to the turn of the 20th century. Every one of those years has been spent learning about the complexities of our marketplace, and building up the support structure that allows our products a fast, straight-forward, and effective route to market. The entire Botsford & Goodfellow team are experts within their fields, and have the additional backing of specialized knowledge from a wide circle of partners.  Our nationwide connections within the produce industry provide account coverage of all major retailers, as well as wholesale outlets in both the conventional and organic trades. Today's business environment has many barriers, but Botsford & Goodfellow is an effective solution to those barriers—motivated, performance-driven, and grower-oriented.