Known for its intense red color, great flavor and tender stalks, Crimson Crown Rhubarb is sure to be a standout on the storeshelf, and in the kitchen!  
The Willamette Valley Rhubarb  Association now cultivates over 350 acres of this tart treat, availible from April through September, with peak production, and promotability during May & early June.
Botsford & Goodfellow has been the association's sole sales agent since its formation in 1968.   Satellite shipping locations, as well as air freight are also availible.  Please inquire for a shipping schedule. 
20-lb. carton (conventional) 70/pallet
15-lb. carton (organic) 80/pallet
Crimson Crown
Loading: Canby, Oregon
Sunnyside, Washington
PDX (Air-freight)
Contact: Jason Comella