The advent of consolidated buying, global trading and electronic communications have transformed the procurement of produce over the last several years. This has streamlined the industry in many ways, saving paperwork, man-hours, and clerical errors. Unfortunately, it has also led to less “hands on” interaction and education in our business, separating sellers from both the products they represent, and their customers. At Botsford & Goodfellow we bridge this gap:  
We intently monitor the harvest, cooling, consolidation, transportation, and distribution of your product, keeping you informed every step of the way.  B&G facilitates all of this seamlessly, through personal human interaction, and up-to-date technology such as text-messaging, e-mail, and document exchange via electronic data interchange (EDI).  We are big enough to handle any volume, and yet you will be greeted with a live voice each and every time you call.  WE ARE ACCESSIBLE 24x7x366! 
Each sales associate has their own unique commodity and/or zonal focus. We KNOW our commodities from decades of learning and experience.  We intently watch trends, and are ahead of the curve on forecasting market fluctuations.  It is our mission to connect the consumer’s demand with the grower’s harvest. 
Our relationship with many growers involves us in every aspect of the supply chain, ranging from the selection of seed, planting and growing style, up through harvesting, packing, storage and shipping.  This gives Botsford & Goodfellow a vested interest in the outcome as a whole, and gives us motivation and dedication to pursue profitability for everybody involved. 
Food Safety is a principal concern for most produce marketers.  Botsford & Goodfellow has been paramount in aiding our growers in complying with the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) program.   We have helped to implement both case-level, and item-level trace-back, at several of our farms.  In addition, most of our sheds have passed, and been certified by, the USDA, in both the GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and GHP (Good Handling Practices) programs.
Our worldwide sourcing network helps us deal with any supply issues that may arise, such as quality, weather, disease, etc.  These strategic partners help us ensure reliable and consistent delivery of quality product. 
We have ability, expertise, technical know-how and vast resources, but most importantly, we have a personal dedication to ensuring that your business and ours benefit from us working together. Our relationship and experience with Northwest growers and their products are unparalleled.   When it comes right down to it, our business is your business, and we want your business to succeed.